Simply A Better Way to Process Your Payments.

We eliminate and or save you money on your credit card fees! Utilize our Progressive Payment System. Own your data, take control. Automate your review process on over 70+ platforms and get local SEO value.

A few reasons to do business with QuickPay Gateway.


Minimizing software and hardware related outages. Level 1 PCI Compliance and beyond is a must for payments.


Our gateway can be customized to meet your needs, we are here to provide solutions. Contact our team today!

No More Credit Card Fees

Eliminate your credit card fees with our cash discount program. Doing business is hard enough, let us simplify things and save you money.

Automate Your Reviews

Potentially collect reviews from every customer after their credit card purchase. Advertise your reviews as *verified.

The best Payments Experience. All From One Platform.