Customer Vault

Securely Store Sensitive Information

Address Your Concerns

The Customer Vault was designed specifically for businesses of any size to address concerns about handling sensitive credit card and ACH information. Avoid the huge costs and resources involved in becoming PCI compliant, mitigate your risk by utilizing the vault. The Customer Vault solution allows you to securely store billing details in the gateway. You can create custom records via the merchant control panel for both credit cards and ACH transactions. Merchants should never store or have to worry about clear text credit card or ACH information on their systems, let our secure environment do the legwork for you.

Once a record has been created, you can store the Vault ID in your system and reference that ID anytime in the future to charge that customer or reference that ID for recurring billing transactions. The Customer Vault works directly with the entire QuickPay Gateway and is deeply embed in the Recurring Billing API. The Customer Vault will reduce the amount of sensitive data that touches your system reducing your PCI footprints while making your billing process seamless.