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The history of our company QuickPay Gateway and its CEO Jeff Yurtin is vast and rich, and we're proud to have been a part of the web development industry since 1997. Having had input with one of the first Gateways built, Authorize.net.

QuickPay Gateway is proud to be part of this market and feels privileged to have played a role in shaping the payment processing ecosystem that exists today. We’ve seen many changes in our industry, but QuickPayGateway has always been there for our customers—changes like improved security measures, improved customer service, and increased accessibility are all things we’ve helped push forward as an innovator in our field.

In 1997, many companies were just beginning to build websites for their businesses. But we recognized the importance of customer relationships and knew that a website alone wouldn't work for us before a customer could even visit it.

We went ahead and built a company specifically around the idea of customer service instead of focusing solely on design or development, which is what many companies were doing at the time.

Some of QuickPayGateway's solutions have come from CEO Jeff Yurtin’s company in 1997, Swimming Pools Etc, being the first internet company to be audited by the state of California.