Guardian Community Rules

Deter Fraud In Just A Few Clicks

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As the digital transformation continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate, the attractive ROI for credit card fraud increases significantly. Fraudsters decide where to spend their time and resources the same way a normal person would evaluate the cost vs. value of a large important purchases.

Protect Your Processing

This is why we have developed a specific ruleset to protect your credit card processing. The goal or focus of this product is to prevent common fraud methods such as card spinning which can cause absorbent fees for merchants. This product also limits the liability for the merchants especially with runaway billing.

Runaway billing is when fraud rules are in place but triggered at a constant rate incurring a fee while fraudsters keep processing cards regardless of approvals or denials. In some cases, this can/has costs merchants tens of thousands of dollars before proper protections are put in place.

Modern web shops have made it easier for fraudsters to sniff out unprotected carts and card spin thousands of cards in a matter of minutes. With our Guardian Community Rules card spinning can be a thing of the past and let your merchants mind rest easy that they are protected if a fraudster came knocking on their door.

This status quo is unacceptable, fraud losses can be staggering and this is causing business owners to create reserve budgets in anticipation of these events occurring. This does not have to be so complex and we can simplify and protect the process for all merchants with the flip of a switch.